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Fundraiser Partnership Program

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  • Address:
    19 Archertown Rd
    New Egypt, NJ 08533
  • Phone:
    Local: 609.752.0303
    Fax: 609.752.0213

Join the Fundraising Partnership Program with Inn at Laurita Winery.

Our Inn is the perfect getaway, not far away. We are proud that it is a much sought after venue for fundraiser contributions; receiving hundreds of annual and bi-annual requests.

Requests for donations will be handled through our new Fundraising Partnership Program. We have initiated a reciprocal benefit registry program to continue to offer assistance to fundraising efforts promoted by charities, school systems, churches, Scouts, non-profits, and those organization supporting public services such as the military, fire and police departments.

There are two participation options and both are as easy as 1-2-3 to start and can be very rewarding for your organization.

Option One – send us guests, get benefits

  1. Complete the Fundraising Partnership Registration Form. We will notify you of acceptance into the program and provide you with promotional/marketing text to use when referring to the Inn at Laurita. We will post your organization as a “source” (or referral) on the our website, which should encourage others to credit you with their B&B reservations.
  2. Inform your participants, friends, family, business associates, vendors, neighbors, etc. of the program and encourage them to book stays at or purchase gift certificates for the Inn at Laurita Winery throughout calendar year 2010. They must clearly acknowledge your registered program as the “source” of their booking. We all win when your organization participates in this program.
  3. At any point you request in the future, we will tally the total amount of all paid* bookings credited to your organization for that period and notify you of the gift certificate amount you can receive, calculated at 50% of the total paid bookings for the calendar year.
*Payments by Gift Certificate will not be included in the tally.

Option Two – buy one, get one

  1. Contact the Innkeeper by email with the following information:
    • Name of organization requesting fundraising support through our partnership program
    • Contact person, phone, address, email
    • Nature and date of fundraiser
  2. Determine which of our ten uniquely decorated guest rooms or suites is to be selected; pay* for one night and you’ll get a gift certificate for two nights for the price of one.
  3. Arrange to pick up the gift certificate with additional rack cards to display/distribute at the fundraiser event.
*Payments only by credit card, check or cash .

Inn at Laurita Winery Fundraiser Partnership Program will enable us to work together in the future to advance the good works you make happen every day. Sign up now! Thank you.

More Information

If you need information about any of our services, please feel free to use our contact form, send us an e-mail to, or give us a call at 609.752.0303.